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Investing in a commercial business is one of the most significant achievements that one can make, it does not only benefit the owner but also promotes the welfare of the whole society. Many people have risen from somewhere below to become one of the most influential investors like Sahm Adrangi who is the leader and the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has seen the firm develop major strategies since he founded it in 2009. With the initial launch capital of less than $1 million, the firm has reached the capacity to manage more than $150 million assets by July 2017.

Sahm Adrangi is popular due to his efforts in selling and published research on stocks. He has been involved in researching complex issues that many people do not understand helping potential investors who want to invest in stocks but fear to gain the knowledge and invest confidently. Many people have heard misconceptions about the stocks, and this scares them to invest doubting they might lose their funds. He has been researching and clearing investors’ minds on this tough stock misconceptions and sharing them through third-party websites and on Twitter.

Sahm Adrangi hit the headlines when he exposed Chinese companies of fraudulent activities that led to the companies being the subject to severe punishments from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Besides research, his company has made significant efforts investing in the biotechnology sector. He has been involved in publishing research on development strategies for several companies including Bavarian Nordic Pulse Biosciences and many others.

Sahm Adrangi is also an activist who participates in facilitating firms and organizations lay out strategies for running their companies. During one of his roles, he was able to lead the Lindsay Organization to establish a policy that helped the company change its cash usage methods employed and at the same time helping them layout a proper capital allocation mechanism in the year 2013. His efforts to work for the benefit of transparency saw him lead a successful contest that led to the replacement of Morgans Hotel Group directors who were running the company inappropriately. Sahm Adrangi has participated in many conferences advocating for good leadership and the ways to propagate success in any organization. His efforts are broadly mentioned, and this has led him to be called for interviews on news agencies such as CNBC and also being featured in many popular journals such as the New York Times.

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The Oscar de la Renta designer did not disappoint Bumble App Founder, Whitney Wolfe. The wedding gown was a sight to behold; white laced with a trail about four feet in length completed with classy accessories and Gianvito Rossi heels. The bride of the day was ready to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with her prince charming Micheal Herd. Surprisingly, the two did not meet on her dating app, Bumble but met in Aspen while they were both on Charismas vocation in 2013.

Two years down the line Herd proposed to Wolfe in Texas as the sun was hibernating in the horizon; an epic view right! Wedding plans came much later after the two visited Positano and fell in love with the beautiful natural scenery. They then began sourcing for vendors, event organizers, and planner to actualize the Italian themed wedding Miss Wolfe had in mind. Herd and Wolfe wanted a wedding that would be celebratory, fun-filled, nostalgic and land-marking too.

Considering Herd was in the hospitality industry, the wedding would surely be colorful and with a unique taste. Their gifts were personalized. The festivities would incorporate Limoncello Herd and Aperol Spritz bottle and Sicily lemon chocolate. The big day came with a major surprise; there was a heavy down pour that had not been experienced there before. Interestingly, Italian culture interprets this as a sign of cleansing; purity of marriage, a new beginning, and wet knot symbolizes inability to untie. Partying and reception were held at the Villa Tre Ville and nightfall did not stop the party either.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder of Tinder app but is known for founding the Bumble dating app. Bumble dating app is unique because it only allows the feminine gender to initiate a relationship. The app is designed to stop the stereotype accorded to women who make first moves and contact to a man; in Bumble App men cannot show interest unless when reciprocating from a woman.

Bumble app was launched in 2014 and presently has over 18 million app users. It has recently opened a parallel company Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF primarily for looking for friends. Whitney Wolfe values interactions and technology and has therefore been listed as 30 Most Important Women under 30 In Tech in 2014 and Elle’s Women in Tech.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Utah in 1989 and is of American descent. She studied International Studies at the Southern Methodist University. She worked for Cardify Startup Company before co-founding Tinder Dating app and the Bumble app. Wolfe is married to Micheal Herd.

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In the entertainment industry, there are ideas being brought forth all of the time. Whether the idea works or not depends on many different factors. It depends on the technology that is available. It is also dependent on the connections the person with the idea has. Among the people who knows what it takes to bring an idea to life is Bridget Scarr. She has a lot of experience in production. From working with other writers and entertainers to building her own production studio, she has lived a full career as a producer, and she still has a lot more work left in her.


Given her method of working, it is safe to say that she is not going to burn out anytime soon. For one thing, she is very passionate about the projects she does for the entertainment industry. She is also willing to learn how to use the equipment needed to make the different projects that she is working on come to life. She has worked on all types of projects including television shows and movies. At the same time, she is one of the people that have jumped into virtual reality and augmented reality in order to pursue ways to bring about the best entertainment on those mediums.


In order for Bridget Scarr to make sure that an idea is going to work, she has to make sure that every aspect or issue with the idea is addressed. She looks at her own ideas the same way that she looks at the ideas of the clients who come to her. She makes sure that every weakness of the idea is taken care of so that the idea will be a hit with people. After all, it is costly to try a weak idea.


Given that she is very passionate and wise with her work, she leaves enough time and energy to be with her family. She leaves enough time to be a good mother to her children and help them learn the lessons that they need to learn in order to move forward with their own career choices.


To learn more about Bridget Scarr, visit

For a long time, Jason Hope has had his eyes set on the future. As a futurist, writer, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Jason has found it useful to create a system that might one day connect all the computer gadgets we use today to work as a single entity. If developments prove to be worthwhile, then companies and businesses will no longer experience the kind of downtime that characterizes them presently.

Young as he is, Jason Hope has the wisdom of an eight-year-old. As a man who grew up in Tempe, Jason Hope prides himself in having attended the Arizona State University where he was most fortunate to acquire a BS in Finance and an MBA in Business.

Currently, Jason Hope works at Mobile Technology, a corporation he joined in 2004. For thirteen years, Jason has taken Mobile Technology from glory to glory. As a man passionate about technology, he has prepared many publications in his lifetime. Some of the prominent pieces include IoT Articles, The Security Risks of the Internet of Things, Can the Internet of Things Live up to its Hype?, and 5 Predictions for the Internet of Things just to mention but a few.

Taking a look at current forms of technology, you discover that the Internet of Things is slowly gaining root in our societies. For instance, the power of the web presently allows gamers to connect with players from other parts of the world through their consoles. Also, teenagers, today can virtually communicate with hundreds of strangers in all corners of the earth through the internet.

From the observations mentioned above, it is clear that the web is slowly percolating into our social circles, something that businesses can capitalize on and use to their advantage. Apart from connecting different people, the Internet of Things is something that can get utilized to help people locate various products and services.

Presently, high-speed internet is no longer a thing only reserved to corporate professionals. Thanks to technology, there now exists broadband internet and Wi-Fi that allows people to access the World Wide Web in virtually any space across the geographical area. Since almost every Smartphone has Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, connecting the world through the Internet of Things has shifted from an idea to more of reality.

It is only a matter of time before our planet earth gets connected in its totality through the Internet of Things. Because of the mass production of computer and related devices, the overall cost of stuff like Smartphones is expected to reduce monumentally making the items highly affordable for everyone. Thus, the future looks promising for us and our businesses because Jason Hope is there to show us how to achieve productivity in the long run.

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Being successful in business is not easy, but Roberto Santiago has succeeded easily as a result of his innovations and hard work. Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa, state of Paraiba and he has become one of the legendary businessmen in Brazil. Santiago has always been determined, and his entrepreneurial skills are unmatched. He is the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, and he is the overall manager of the shopping complex. The mall has transformed Joao Pessoa town, and it has made life easier for residents. Roberto is determined to change the city through significant investments, and much of his work makes Paraiba a better place for investors and entrepreneurs.



Roberto Santiago is highly educated. He attended University Center of Joao Pessoa where he attained a degree in business administration. Before joining the university, Roberto had received education at Pio X-Marist college. With this education, he has been able to explore business opportunities and taking advantage of them through investments. Roberto began his career at décor manufacturing company, and later he started his own cartonnage business. This cartonnage company grew, and Roberto decided to diversify his investments. Therefore, he decided to join the real estate sector.



In 1987, Roberto bought a huge land with the aim of developing a world-class shopping mall at Joao Pessoa. He planned everything and actualized his ideas and plans. In 1989, he launched one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil; Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall has various shopping options like food courts, gaming areas, banks, college, fitness center, theater and a concert hall. This made sure that everything people require was available under one roof. Residents love the place, and they are grateful for the investment which has made life more simple and entertaining.



Manaira Shopping mall has undergone improvements so that it can accommodate the future needs of residents. In 2009, Domus Hall was launched on the rooftop of the mall. This hall was to provide sufficient space for exhibitions, ceremonies, and conferences. The hall has a capacity of 4000 seats and is equipped with high technology entertainments instruments like speakers and projectors. Domus Hall is air-conditioned, and it has become a home of performances for many artists.



Roberto Santiago investment plans didn’t stop at Manaira Shopping Mall. In 2013, he established Mangeira Shopping Mall with the aim of improving economic and social aspects of Joao Pessoa city. The two malls have come with many benefits to the residents like employment, entertainment and land value has appreciated significantly. On top of that many investorshave come to invest in the city and this will develop the city even more. With what he has achieved so far, Roberto Santiago is a legendary figure in the real estate sector, and his contribution in developing Joao Pessoa city is evident.


The world is full of extraordinary people. These people come from all walks of life. Some of the most intelligent people in the world aren’t household names, which is a bit strange. These people have done some amazing things for society in general. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? This guy is a man of many talents, and he uses his talents to make the world a much better place. Pulier goes by many different titles. This includes being a philanthropist, a technology, an entrepreneur, an author and a futurist. How many other individuals can be classified for having this amount of individual titles? When it comes to advanced technology, Pulier stands at the apex of the hill, and his resume of success is guaranteed proof.

Eric Pulier’s love of technology has pushed him to do many great things. He’s a brainstorm fanatic, but in a good way. His work, and his goals are to serve humanity. Having such vast knowledge for information technology, he has created concepts that would solely address the common issues across a wide playing field. Technology-based solutions was the name of the game, and these solutions would help him make a name for himself. People Doing Things was one of his first founded companies, and it used these advanced technological solutions to address poverty, heatlhcare and educational issues. None of this happened by chance. Pulier actually studied at two of America’s most prestigious colleges. MIT and Harvard University helped to mold the individual of today. Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform. This platform displayed the use of advanced technology, and what the technology would be like in the future. He has also worked with NASA thanks to his ability to create a live-feed for the space astronauts. This was unheard of at the time, but Pulier pulled it off.

Having such a strong passion for innovative technology, he has helped to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for capital venture deals and for charitable organizations. The guy is simply a “jack of all trades.” Eric Pulier is one in a million, but who knows what’s in store for the future.

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Cotemar is a Mexican company which provides offshore services to oil and gas operations of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). It was founded as a service company for the Mexican energy sector in 1979. Since then Cotemar has established itself as a leading service provider in two strategic fields. It includes catering & accommodation and specialized vessels in the area of Campeche Bay.

The company’s mission is to contribute to the production of oil & gas industry through efficient processes with leading technology. For the last 37 years, Cotemar is providing result-oriented efficient solutions to Petroleos Mexicanos that meets the needs the industry. The services of the company include engineering, maintenance, modernization, construction, specialized vessel, accommodation & catering and maritime support.

Despite the move made by Pemex to cancel two of its contracts, Cotemar is confident of getting out of the crisis. An anonymous official of the company said that it happens to every company in this sector on Typically, the reason is to cut down the budget. It is not just the Cotemar that is affected by this move. However, Cotemar had to delay the renewing of its boats from Prosafe, a firm that specializes in this field.

Prosafe has also announced that the budget cut made by Pemex is affecting its work with Cotemar. Prosafe was working on three semisubmersible work platform for Catemar. Now the management had to dismiss more than two thousand workers due to the suspension of work on the vessels. Now the workforce of the company is reduced to five thousand.

For the National Oil Company, Cotemar is still operating very specialized vessels. The task of these vessels is to construct production platforms, maintenance, and transportation of personnel. The Prosafe manage on cotemar.comr also said that Cotemar is not just using the fleet made by his company. Rather Cotemar has contracts with Pemex for several years, and for that, it is using bigger fleet with numerous boats. Prosafe is hopeful that things will finally get stable.

Last year, the crude oil prices were lowered to $50 per barrel, so Cotemar was forced to lower the renting price of its equipment. The Prosafe manager denied criticizing Pemex and showed support for the changes made by Pemex in the management and contracts. He said that the actions were in line with actions taken by other firms operating globally. Meanwhile, Cotemar is continuing to modernize and innovate processing centers and offshore rigs for their customers.

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The co-washing trend has been making its rounds through every beauty blog. Every stylist worth their weight has given the new solution to dry damaged hair a once over with often rather surprising results. Conditioner only washing or “co-washing” as it is being commonly called initially had more than a few stylists unsure if ditching their shampoo and washing with daily conditioner could really be the end all to frizziness and stringy hair.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure set out to answer that question herself by spending a week using Wen By Chaz.

WEN By Chaz, the popular conditioner cleanser found on the shelves of most major beauty suppliers and available online is the best selling co-washing product from famed celebrity stylist Chaz Dean.Originally only available to those lucky enough to schedule an appointment in his Hollywood studio, Wen By Chaz Dean ( became the best seller from the line of hair care products offered by the celebrity stylist.

Over the course of a week, Emily used the all natural conditioning cleanser every time she showered, substituting it for her regular shampoo. After a single wash, the beauty tip blogger and stylist found her hair was much softer and even had more shine. Initially unsure of when to use it, Emily found a little change was necessary to accommodate the new beauty routine and realized the product was best used in the morning. Within the seven days using Wen By Chaz, Emily noticed her hair was much softer and styled comparably rather easily. A few compliments from some friends not only boosted Emily’s confidence but her belief in the effectiveness of the conditioning cleanser as well.

After only one week of use, the stylist, blogger, and new believer found herself sold on Wen By Chaz.

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The art of collecting things is not synonymous with many people. Those who embark on the journey of collecting things are sometimes viewed as petty and show offs. It may be a favorite pastime for some people but there are others who are driven by passion to become collectors. Collection varies depending on one’s passion. Collectors may chose on anything like vintage things like cars, watches, books etc. others however collect historical things that are awesome to look at.

One person who is a collector is none other than Michael Zomber. He is an antique arms collector who have been plying his trade for the past forty years. His experience in arms collections has seen him get involved as a guest historian in several TV shows like “Guns of the Famous, Guns of the orient, Dueling pistols, Automatic pistols and Million dollar Guns.

Michael Zomber is well travelled. His search for antique armour has seen him tour various locations with rich heritage in arms usage all over the world. As a result he is well versed with people of different cultures of the world. His Zomber is considered an authority on the Japanese Samurai swords. His extensive research has helped him uncover so much about the swords. As a result, anybody who need information about them can get it from him.

He is considered a natural story teller. The role has landed him several big screen roles. He has also featured prominently in the writing of historical novels involving weapons. The experience he have acquired over the years is vital for anybody aspiring to write novels about historical events involving antique weapons. Many organizations sources his wisdom to come up with historical master pieces.

Zomber is a philanthropist. Having worked in war plagued areas during his research, he is way to aware of the effects of war. It is for this reason that he works closely with no governmental organization to sensitized people on the effects of war. He has partnered organizations like UNICEF to foster peaceful coexistence among people.

George Soros is a well-known political and financial expert. He has spent his life making a fortune and then influencing others with that fortune. Over time, he has helped a lot of politicians get elected in a variety of ways. If you want to learn how to build wealth, he is a great person to listen to. When he was young, he came over to England and started in school. Although it was hard, he worked his way up through the process and was able to get to the next level quickly. George Soros is someone who is going to invest in the future because he believes that this is the best way to build wealth. However, with recent political events, he is less certain of a positive future than before.


The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was a huge upset. There were few people who predicted that he would win, especially with some of the things that he had going against him. If you want to learn how to build wealth in the future on, he is great person to learn from. However, he thinks that going to cash right now is the best option. He feels like the markets are inflated and could be going down soon. Over time, he is usually right when it comes to predictions in the financial markets. One of his most famous acts was when he bet against the bank of England. In fact, he is known as the person who caused financial panic when he was right.

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As an investor, it is important to listen to experts like George Soros on the subject of investing. He has a lot of experience in the field, and he is looking forward to taking things to a new level with his investment advice on for others. Over time, investing for the future is essential to build wealth. However, you need to make sure that you stay consistent and are willing to take a chance when the time comes. A lot of people are worried about what the future holds, especially with all of the changes that are coming in the market.

Future Plans

George Soros has a great track record of success in calling moves in the market. Soros has studied the financial markets for many years, and he knows what it takes to succeed in this area. If you want to start investing for your future, there are a variety of ways to do that. Not only can you start buying into the market, but you can bet against it as well with index funds that go against market performance. This is something that George Soros has done in the past when he was bearish on the overall market. More information on

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